Family Rights Project

Family is the foundation of a dynamic, civil society and a robust, growing economy that allows people to develop, grow and achieve far more than they could on their own.


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Our Mission

We now find ourselves at a point in evolution wherein the next logical step is to organize and maximize our efforts.

Arizona Project is a group of citizens concerned with the current social, economic and political atmosphere of our state. We are employers, neighbors, families, friends, and above all, we are Arizonans. Our state was built on the foundation of strong families, with high moral values, where relationships are forged through work ethic, honesty, and a handshake.

We are all fortunate to call Arizona home. Regardless of your location, be it Phoenix-metro or rural Arizona, the success of our state is contingent upon the success of our families. Arizona can become more competitive nationally if we institute specific policy directions that strengthen the family, create fiscal policies to foster business growth and job creation. The state will be successful in attracting new businesses and encouraging economic development in the form of entrepreneurial enterprise by reducing red tape, bureaucracy and taxes.

The decisions we make today will define future generations of Arizonans. We stand on the precipice of greatness. But, we must establish a vision that clearly defines a path to social and economic viability where we continue to improve our religious morals, business ethics and educational standards through strong families and communities. Together, we can ensure that Arizona is nationally recognized as the best place to pursue our dreams, find high wage employment, educate our children, and raise a family in a safe and supporting community.